Environmental Edge Technologies, LLC. manufactures a complete line of economical, high performance “green” liquid concentrates, including vapor suppressants, industrial degreasers and solvents, biologically active cleaners, odor eliminators and bioremediation agents for soil & water.

Side by Side Comparison – Environmental Edge Products vs. Competitors

FEATURED: Nature’s Edge VGS – Vapor and Gas Suppressant

An aqueous concentrate that reduces VOC’s/ LEL’s on contact, including H2S, SO2, pygas, mercaptans and other hydrocarbons. Also penetrates and releases layers of solid build-up while inhibiting re-adherence in lines and tanks downstream. Increases profitability, productivity and safety in production and transportation of natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids.

The result of years of research and extensive field testing, our innovative products provide solutions for equipment clearing and industrial cleaning without creating dangerous or unhealthy situations and effectively mitigating present and future contamination concerns. While not a panacea for all situations, EET products and methods represent the best and most economical “insurance” possible against job related health issues and environmental nightmares due to harmful vapor or liquid discharges and polluted property. Superior products at a sensible price, combined with impeccable service and confidential technical support is quickly establishing EET as the “problem solver” of choice.