Vapor Control

LNG/Gas Operations 

Pre-filters/filter pots, Coalescers, Caustic Towers, and Associated Lines

Pre-filters/filter pots, Coalescers, Caustic Towers, and associated lines were cleared of LEL’s, and H2S using Natures Edge Industrial (NEI); Additionally, NEI along with Gold Edge (GE) were used as a system to simultaneously knock out Benzene (NE), liquefy heavy sludge (GE) for NEI’s consuming microbes, while eliminating the need for a chemical cleaning/circulating contractor. Unit operations established new SOP’s as well as engineering modifications to equipment to allow for a larger volume of the chemistry to circulate through the vessels, saving multiple down-days, reducing overall cost and performing the task with in house maintenance and operations personnel. Environmental Edge Tech’s field operations consultants were instrumental in working hand in hand with customer operations folks on a 9,000 gallon coalesce with an amines dropout tank as a successful pilot test.