Hydrocarbon Vapor Neutralizer

Crude Lines at Docking Facility

Houston Area Port Facility

NEI (Natures Edge Industrial) and GE(Gold Edge) were used to clear approximately 2000 feet of varied size crude oil piping prior to removal from a refinery loading dock.  Piping had never been cleared/cleaned due to the location, daily use requirements and limitations of size and design in at least 35 years according to plant personnel. Environmental Edge field operations  consultants assisted plant operations and maintenance personnel in planning and initiating the clearing project. Originally requesting 4 days to complete the degassing and clearing project, we were given only 2 days. With proper application and established protocol, it was accomplished in 2 days. When the line was all clear and cut for removal, the facility Ops Manager said “smells like the Caribbean”.  The entire dock was removed and the replacement  dock was literally floating up the Houston Ship Channel as the old one was floating down.