Benzene Remediation

Natures Edge Industrial

Natures Edge Industrial (NEI) is engineered to reduce VOC’s, LEL’s, H2S, SO2, Benzene, vapors and gases on contact eliminating the need for multiple water fills, steam/chemical circulating and even thermal oxidizer (TO) units; also is a wetting agent/penetrant that inhibits adherence and build-up of sticky residues and solids.  NEI is a non-hazardous, aqueous based, multi-functional Industrial concentrate with oil consuming microbes.


Gold Edge (GE), Gold Edge X40 (X40)

GE is a non-petroleum based solvent that is non-toxic, flash point above 400f degrees PMCC and will dissolve asphalt at ambient temperature.  X40 is GE with select additives allowing X40 to break down and dissolve paraffin based hydrocarbons and many polymer/plasticizer materials.  According to the scope of work, a protocol can be prepared whereby the products are used separately or together as a system.

LNG/gas operations:  Pre-filters/filter pots, Coalescers: 

 NEI had been an intricate phase for clearing the LEL’s from the filter pots, pre-filters and coalescers in a major LNG fractionation facility prior to maintenance “rolling blinds”.  Next, the final phase of steam circulation by an outside contractor  for 12 to 15 hours to clear the Benzene took place. Environmental Edge field operations consultants explained to the unit operations supervision that with the right application, a Natures Edge and Gold Edge  system could clear the equipment in a “one and done” scenario, eliminating the need for an outside contractor. The Environmental Edge team assisted unit operations personnel on setting up a large coalescer with pumps and lines and a mini fractank to introduce Gold Edge bio-solvent and Natures Edge Industrial then topped off with water. The goal was to remediate an out of range Benzene reading down to 0.5 PPM in order to open the filter lid and replace the filters. Once the coalescer was filled, reverse circulation from original product flow was achieved utilizing a 1 inch diaphragm pump and continued for 10 hours. After a clean water rinse, the coalescer was checked for Benzene with a Drager tube type gas detection monitor. The unit operator asked for another tube to confirm his readings were accurate three separate times before stating “all 0”!

The EET teams “one and done” process eliminated the contractor services, saving $15,000 and reduced the unit down time by 3 days saving an estimated $70,000. The fracing facility has 9 frac units consisting of 18 coalescers as well as 18 large pre-filters that have been converted to the new SOP. When you do the math, the money saved is mind boggling.