Vessel Degassing

Nature’s Edge Industrial



Developed for the petrochemical and other heavy industries for general cleaning/ degreasing, eliminating hydrocarbon contamination in concrete, soil and water and reducing vapors on contact i.e. VOC’s/ LEL’s, H2S, SO2, etc. A unique multi-functional aqueous based non-toxic concentrate with oil-digesting microbes, Nature’s Edge Industrial reduces risks, costs and liabilities associated with cleaning, transfer, storage and disposal of hydrocarbons. Nature’s Edge Industrial breaks down and encapsulates hydrocarbons with minimal agitation, significantly reducing time and labor required to gain entry to towers/tanks and minimizing water usage and disposal. Nature’s Edge Industrial is low foaming, has no adverse effect on water systems and has a pleasant scent, leaving the area deodorized and surfaces free of oily residues after rinsing.

Nature’s Edge Industrial is an effective replacement for caustic and other harsh chemicals for degreasing, plus offers important benefits not typically associated with degreasers. A few of the many side benefits of use include enhancing separation of solids and oils to extend filter life, deodorizing and controlling foul odors, reducing sludge build-up in drains/ lines, separators and restoring unsightly areas around pumps, compressors and bulk storage areas. Additionally, benzene and other unwanted BTEX are targeted for digestion by the microbes (added during manufacture), biologically reducing hazardous classification of wastes in many cases.

Having passed the LC-50 toxicity test and HOCNF test for discharge in the North Sea, Nature’s Edge Industrial is safe for use in areas where aquatic or wildlife could be affected. Nature’s Edge Industrial is particularly useful for NGL processing/ terminal operations, fueling stations, bulk storage areas, loading docks, rail yards, closed environments such as tunnels and wherever environmental, occupational, health and safety issues are of great concern. May be applied using pumps, pressure washers, mops, sprayers, etc. It is non-irritating to normal skin and will not harm equipment internals.

Product# 250. Concentrate has a 2 year shelf life. Packaged in 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums and 275/330 gal totes. DOT Shipping Class 55. Non-hazardous.

 High performing, safe, heavy duty cleaner/ degreaser
 Reduces vapors on contact – VOC’s/ LEL’s on contact
 Biologically eliminates hydrocarbon contaminants in water, soil and concrete
 Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, no adverse effect on water systems
 Contains safe, all-natural, non-pathogenic, select oil digesting microbes
 Mild pleasant scent – no obnoxious or pungent citrus fumes; Controls foul odors

 Cleaning/ degreasing/deodorizing floors, concrete, equipment, machinery, hoses, tools, etc.
 Maintaining appearance around pumps, compressors, sample points
 Reducing hazardous classification of wastes/waste water discharge and liabilities
 Clearing vessels/tanks for entry/maintenance
 Reduce oil and sludge build-up and foul odors in separators and sumps
 Oil spill clean-up

Degassing and Clearing Tanks of LEL’s and VOC’s at Enterprise Products Morgan’s Point. 

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