Nature’s Edge EBF™

Enhanced Bioremediation Fluid

A unique aqueous blend of non-toxic, non-ionic surfactants and aerobic naturally occurring microbes, Nature’s Edge EBF dislodges petroleum hydrocarbons from soil particles, reduces VOC’s, and inoculates contaminated soil with select microbes. Intended for use in conjunction with Catalyst H20 for remediation of contamination in soil greater than 4″ deep.

Nature’s Edge EBF-RTU™

A ready-to use formulation intended for remediation of soil contamination of less than 4″ deep. It is applied topically on porous surfaces to eliminate unwanted petroleum and food based hydrocarbon wastes and restore appearance. A unique blend of surfactants, oil-consuming microbes and a stabilized oxygen source (contains Catalyst H20), Effectively cleans and biologically eliminates surface contamination due to oils, hydraulic and other fluids.

Catalyst H20™

Provides Aerobic Microbes with a Stabilized Oxygen – A water thin clear liquid formulated to primarily provide aerobic microbes with a stabilized oxygen source in soil bioremediation projects, particularly in oxygen depleted environments such as deep in soil or under streets and buildings. Intended for use in conjunction with Nature’s Edge EBF fluid.