Gas Suppression

Nature’s Edge Products

Nature’s Edge products inhibit release of VOC’s from petroleum hydrocarbons, effectively lowering LEL’s and reducing risk for fires or explosions associated with
spill clean-up and tank/equipment clearing/cleaning operations. Nature’s Edge incorporates cutting edge encapsulation technology to provide superior results with less agitation than similar products. Additionally, “oil-consuming” microbes are added during manufacture to reduce or eliminate hazardous components in waste discharge, lowering disposal costs and liabilities. Also available without added microbes.

Nature’s Edge VGS™

Vapor and Gas Suppression. A proprietary aqueous solution engineered to reduce VOC’s/ LEL’s; including H2S, SO2, pygas, mercaptans on contact, eliminating the need for multiple water fills, steam or extensive nitrogen purging. Penetrates and releases layers of solids from metal surfaces while inhibiting re-adherence in lines downstream. Reduces time for clearing/cleaning filter pots, caustic scrubbers, flare stack blow down tanks, acid tanks, etc. by up to 80%.


  • Reduce LEL’s / VOC’s; H2S/ SO2 gas on contact
  • Significant reduction in time required to clear vessels, tanks and lines
  • Substantially reduce nitrogen usage
  • Penetrate and release solids from metal surfaces
  • Reduce water usage and discharge
  • No negative effects downstream
  • Degrease and clean all metal and concrete surfaces


Nature’s Edge™

Surface Cleaner and Bio-Treatment A unique multi-functional, bio-active product developed to clean hard surfaces, naturally eliminate hydrocarbon contamination wastes, and suppress vapors. Nature’s Edge is a concentrated blend of non-toxic surfactants and select, naturally occurring oil-consuming microbes. Potent surfactants in Nature’s Edge break down oils, fluids and grease during the cleaning process, leaving a clean surface and promoting fast, natural degradation by the added oil consuming microbes.