Nature’s Edge Industrial – Product#250

Surface cleaner and bio-treatment. A unique multi-functional, bio-active product developed to clean hard surfaces, naturally eliminate hydrocarbon contamination wastes, and suppress vapors. Nature’s Edge is a concentrated blend of non-toxic surfactants and select, naturally occurring oil-consuming microbes. Potent surfactants in Nature’s Edge break down oils, fluids and grease during the cleaning process, leaving a clean surface, no tale tale sheens and promoting fast, natural degradation by the added oil consuming microbes.

Emerald Edge Industrial – Product#150

Heavy duty neutral pH cleaner degreaser. Developed to meet harsh cleaning demands, yet satisfy strict safety and environmental standards. A concentrated blend of non-toxic, fast drying surfactants, Emerald Edge effectively is an effective alternative to caustic or butyl cleaners as well as many solvents requiring a residue free finish after rinsing.

Diamond Edge Wild Purple – Product#510

Biodegradeable alkaline degreaser. A powerful blend of aqueous, non-toxic surfactants, Diamond Edge Wild Purple quicklycuts through and removes all types of tough hydrocarbon deposits, including oils, fluids, grease, carbon, dirt and grime from industrial surfaces. Perfect for use in use in high pressure washers for steam cleaning industrial equipment, oilfield equipment, cranes, barges, tanks, concrete slabs, etc. It is also excellent for stripping floor wax and neutralizing acid spills. Contains no butyls.

Gold Edge – Product#300

Heavy duty natural, biodegradable cleaning solvent developed to safely and effectively remove and dissolve tar, grease, asphalt, and other heavy hydrocarbons from metal surfaces. Recommended for use in applications requiring a solvent rather than water based cleaners. Gold Edge is non-flammable (flash point above 400 degrees F.), non-hazardous, contains no petroleum distillates, is water rinseable and has no VOC’s or fumes.